Content Management System

A Content Management System built by marketers, for marketers-BRANDCORE enables companies to focus on their most important subject-their customers. Whether you want a lead-generation website, a multilingual corporate website, or a simple landing page for your campaign-BRANDCORE CMS provides all the tools needed to setup your online presence. 


BRANDCORE CMS supports multiple languages out of the box.  Languages can be applied in every element of your website from text to images, or metadata. With built in GEO IP detection, you can provide the right language to the right used based on location and locale.

Multiple Sites

Through a single interface, you can easily create and manage multiple sites, all while having the ability to collaborate with different teams, utilize brand assets, content, and multimedia across different websites.  

Create Once – Use Everywhere

Marketers can rest assured that they won’t have to create different content for their touch points. With BRANDCORE CMS, you can create content and use it everywhere: on your corporate website, landing pages, social media, and even your mobile app.  

Content Personalisation

Deliver the right content to the right user by applying personalization rules based on a user’s profile, behaviors, and user’s device location. Additionally, marketers can also take into account contextual information received from IoT sensors in order to deliver relevant, personalized content. 

Intelligent Content

BRANDCORE CMS allows you to make sure your content stays relevant and within the SEO strategy of your brand. BRANCORE permits you to evaluate your content using our contextual intelligence algorithms, so that when you publish, you know the content will be effective. 


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