BRANDCORE - Marketing Automation

BRANDCORE - Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Achieve personalized customer interactions at scale, so that you can deliver meaningful and relevant messaging at every phase of the consumer lifecycle. BRANDCORE enables you to transform customer experiences while molding brand loyalty. 

Campaign Management

With BRANDCORE, marketers can create, execute, and automate cross-channel marketing campaigns, all while delivering relevant customer experiences. The campaigns address the customer experience by using behavioral data, data from user activity, and business rules. 

Multi - channel Marketing

BRANDCORE provides personalized communication for every consumer touch point.  Whether in the form of SMS, Facebook, or mobile app notifications, the solution empowers marketers to provide a carefully targeted and personalized communication solution. .

Extend campaigns to physical presence

Relevant customer experience extends beyond the digital touch points of a brand. For example, customers who are physically present in a shop, should be reached as well. With BRANDCORE, marketers can make use of IoT devices and sensors such as blue-tooth beacons, in order to deliver relevant information to the user. 

Personalized customer communication

Delivering appropriate content across all channels has always been a challenge for brands. BRANDCORE enables marketers to defeat this challenge by implementing personalize messages, product offers, and content based on behavioral data, user profiles, and preferences. Content personalization extends beyond email or any other direct communication to the corporate website, blog or lead generation landing page.

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