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Christos Shiatis Christos Shiatis

Christos Shiatis

Senior Performance Specialist

Christos is a performance specialist that combines strong technical and analytical skills with a marketing focused education and skill set. Educated in Greece and Cyprus, Christos spent the first 4 years of his career working in the UK, in the fields of Digital marketing, Growth Marketing and Web Development.

Christos is very passionate about digital technologies and especially about Google Ads, Digital Strategy and Performance and he channels this passion into achieving remarkable results for our clients.

In his spare time he plays football and watches his favourite TV  series.

 Last but not least, Christos also holds a number of Digital Marketing certificates such as the Adwords Certificate from Google, Inbound Certificate from Hubspot, Hubspot Certification, Growth Driven Design Certification and Customer Acquisition Specialist Certification from Digital Marketer.