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Kobold Cleaning System Kobold Cleaning System
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With over 30 year’s presence in Cyprus, Eminentia Trading is today the leading distributor of the innovative Thermomix, the internationally acclaimed multipurpose kitchen appliance, and the KOBOLD electric vacuum cleaner, a complete home bio-cleaning system. Manufactured by the German company Vorwerk, both brands can be found in the homes of millions of families across the globe, and are synonymous with high quality, innovative technology and longevity. 


Since 2018, Base Element has been responsible for the widely successful design and execution of the online digital strategy for Thermomix. As a result, Eminentia turned to Base Element again to manage the digital campaign for the Kobold Cleaning System.

At the start of 2020, the Kobold Cleaning System (hereinafter “Kobold”) was a relatively unknown product in Cyprus. The product was positioned fairly high in the market due to its durability, strength and unique bio-cleaning features. However, potential customers were unaware of Kobold’s unique cleaning capabilities and regarded the product as just another vacuum cleaner, making it a challenge to justify its market retail price. Previous marketing and social media efforts were also unsuccessful as they did not reach a large enough targeted audience. As a result, sales waned and the significance of Kobold within the company’s product portfolio declined. However, Eminentia turned to Base Element to design and implement a digital strategy in an attempt to create demand and increase sales of Kobold. 

Kobold Cleaning System


At the start of the process, Base Element identified what set Kobold apart from other similar products in the market.  We also recognised 3 key pain points that were making it challenging to boost the popularity of the brand in Cyprus:  

  • Lack of brand awareness (the Kobold brand had to become more recognisable within the Cyprus market). 
  • Lack of product knowledge or positioning (prospective customers needed to be educated on Kobold’s unique features so they could make informed purchasing decisions).
  • No clear selling/differentiation points.

The Base Element team worked with the Kobold Marketing team to design and implement the “Always On” digital strategy for Kobold. Once identifying relevant audiences, digital channels were selected to reach those audiences where they were. We served them a mix of content that best presented the product, highlighting specific benefits and special offers that would motivate to consumers to buy a Kobold. Aside from utilising the various digital channels, we also designed several remarketing campaigns with specific messages that resonated with people who had already been exposed to Kobold more than once online. This was to ensure that consumers were equipped with a comprehensive view of all product benefits.

Within six months, the campaign managed to reach more than 10% of the Cyprus population and 50% of the target audience.

Kobold Cleaning System


The digital campaign began on February 2020 and despite the Covid-19 lock-down measures in Cyprus during March and April, the product saw remarkable success. Within six months, the campaign managed to reach more than 10% of the Cyprus population and 50% of the target audience. Each person reached within the target audience was served a piece of Kobold content 5 times per month on average. In the first six months of the campaign, sales volume increased by 80% and in June 2020 sales volume was 10 times higher than in June 2019. Sales volume continues to grow despite today’s difficult economic climate in Cyprus and we anticipate an even larger increase for the remaining part of 2020.

coverage of the Target Audience in 6 months.
Increase in Sales volume
Sales volume in June 2020 vs June 2019

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