Content Marketing
Content Marketing

We understand the value of content and its ability to communicate a story that is great, relevant and worth talking about.   We also believe in the science that underlies a good content marketing strategy.  We know that in order to create and amplify content that will increase customer engagement and performance of your brand, we first need to deconstruct data and research so as to be able to transform it into a humanized user experience.  Only once we have analysed and understood every nuance that the data represents, can we then develop a content marketing strategy and create content that will convey your brand’s story across multiple platforms to reach all relevant audiences. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Executing an effective content marketing strategy means understanding the language your consumers speak online.  We assess data utilising various tools and technologies so as to identify relevant keywords used in search, and find influencers to amplify the impact of content. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a simple task and is one that depends on good content. The visibility of a website when people use search is dependent on content that maintains an authentic enough tone to engage its audience.  We develop and implement organic SEO strategies in the content creation process.  Our content creators produce natural sounding copy that takes into account keyword and search analysis so that your content achieves an optimal ranking in online search results.

Content creation - SEO Copywriting 

We work with a team of content creators who understand the digital landscape and who can produce top-notch shareable content at scale, across every vertical, for people and also for search engines.  We understand that not all content serves the same purpose which is why we provide turnkey content solutions that cater to all content needs. We also use machine learning, contextual intelligence and text analysis tools that use advanced natural language processing techniques to analyse and enrich content.  

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