BRANDCORE - Personalization

BRANDCORE - Personalization

BRANDCORE Personalisation

To provide personalized customer experiences, brands should create the right content, the right product, and the right offer for the right user, all at the right time. This means analyzing masses of data collected from all possible sources, including your CRM, website, social media accounts, etc. The analysis of this data gives insights that enable the delivery of customer experiences, which are specifically targeted to the particular customer, ensuring that the customer has a smooth, seamless and friction-free relationship with the company. 

BRANCORE provides this analysis, by ensuring that you have the best possible tools to create the experiences which in the end, build customer loyalty.

User Profiling

Our solution proves a 360 degree view of your customer, as it maps the customer journey in every aspect. It goes well beyond mere web analytics. Users interact with your brand at all touch points- the website, Facebook page, shopping in store, etc. Using custom analytics and connections with third party systems, the solution completes profile creation and visitor data collection. Profiling goes well beyond tracking to analyze the customer’s journey by using machine learning and contextual intelligence, which provides actionable insights based on consumer behavior. These insights, whether based on liking a post or Facebook page, to feedback about your website, all data is available for analysis.

Content Personalisation

How can brands achieve tightly targeted, personal content for all customers? BRANDCORE provides content personalization that takes into account all customer actions from the brand’s various touch points. It goes well beyond user-generated rules in order to include pages visited, time spent on specific posts, engagements made on social media channels, etc. This data is then analyzed using machine-learning algorithms, so that brands and marketers can provide the most relevant content via the right channel to drive engagement, increase brand loyalty, increase sales and maximize customer retention. 

 Actionable Insights

The solution provides actionable insights by providing answers to the most significant questions for marketers. What’s the best time to post on my Facebook account? What content should be posted on our blog next month to increase viewer interest and engagement?  

Our solution can answer all questions of this type, using its advanced machine-learning algorithms to drill down the specific customer segments

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