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Yiannis Zavros Yiannis Zavros

Yiannis Zavros

UX/UI & Multimedia Designer

Yiannis is our mastermind for anything and everything UX/UI. Just tell him your brands story, and he will strategically re-tell that story through his designs, so that our clients and their customers experience prime interaction. Like a true architect, Yiannis creates the structure you need to expose your businesses content information, from web to mobile. With an extensive educational background in multimedia design, computing, and Interactive technology design, along with almost a decade of experience in media management, wire framing, and flash design, Yiannis is fully equipped and dedicated to optimizing the needs of every client for the ultimate customer experience. Driven by look and feel, Yiannis designs are always created for optimal interface. When Yiannis isn’t immersed in his designs, he’s immersed up to his ankles in water, as his favourite past time is spearfishing! 

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