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Launched in 1995, Sigma TV is today one of the leading Cypriot television channels in terms of viewership. Sigma TV’s infrastructure is quite distinct in that it is fundamentally based on supporting local producers, actors, scriptwriters and talent so as to deliver an authentic television experience thereby meeting the quintessential needs and wants of its Cypriot viewers. Sigma TV's full weekly programmes can also be viewed online in real time through live streaming and via video on demand.


Base Element was approached by Sigma TV because they required a robust secure technology solution that would optimise the streaming of their online live broadcast programmes and the viewing of videos on demand so as to meet high-volume traffic loads and concurrent viewers, and to enable a seamless online user viewership experience across all devices.

This solution had to be flexible enough to meet the daily needs of the channel online, and be able to cope with any unanticipated spikes in traffic or disruptions in transmission.

Sigma TV


Sigma TV online is powered by a range of technology solutions developed by Base Element.

When we started web development and application development for Sigma TV, we focused on creating an omni-channel user experience and customer journey. We took into
consideration UI/UX design best practices so as to ensure an omni-channel user experience and interaction between user and device with an ease of use that exceeded expectations, no matter the volume of viewers or potential disruptions in broadcasting online.

We built in a monetization solution that enables Sigma TV to monetise their video content. This was integrated with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) so as to manage and optimise digital ad revenue. The solution is also compliant with digital IAB Video Suite’ standards.

Our video on demand solution was integrated with Sigma TV’s live schedule of television programmes to the extent that the terms of the licensing agreement for each programme were applied to the videos as well.

Finally, the live streaming capabilities of the portal facilitates the coverage of multiple live streams, and its video recording functionality enables the recording of live shows.

Since the launch of the Sigma TV project, the consumption of video content on mobile devices has quadrupled

Sigma TV


Sigma TV has been a phenomenal success story for us taking into account the range of challenges that had to be addressed. We are incredibly proud of our contribution towards the innovativeness and technology solutions that have allowed the business transformation of Sigma TV into the robust and dynamic online television broadcasting portal that it is today.

In fact, since the launch of the Sigma TV project, the consumption of video content on mobile devices has quadrupled which is an incredible outcome. Further, Sigma TV remains one of the leading channels online in terms of overall user experience and also viewership volumes, particularly for Video On Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming where the number of viewers has increased dramatically.

The impact of this sizeable viewership growth as well as the monetization solution implemented, has seen revenues increase remarkably which has contributed significantly to the bottom line of channel.

Increase of video content consumed on mobile devices
Increase of revenues
Minutes of video, encoded and transcoded in less than a year


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