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Sigmalive was the first online publisher in Cyprus and continues to be a pioneer in the domain of online news publishing. The need for innovation is deeply engrained in the company culture and extends beyond the Sigmalive portal to its backend people who work to keep Sigmalive at the forefront of this industry.


Sigmalive is Cyprus’ biggest online publisher, publishing more than 300 articles daily, serving 5.000 concurrent visitors, and has more than 20 concurrent content creators (editors, administrators, and so forth).  It needs to handle more than 1 million monthly visitors to its website and recently attained some 10 million page views.

Sigmalive came to us because they required an innovative high volume publisher’s solution that could handle their high peak traffic demand and a large number of concurrent visitors and users to the site.  They needed a partner that could deliver a flexible, robust, modular and scalable solution, and at the same time also be able to provide strategy and consulting to ensure that Sigmalive maintains its position as the market leader and driver of innovation. 




Sigmalive is entirely built from scratch, on technology solutions developed by Base Element.  Each solution has been designed to not only enable the publisher to get the most out of the content displayed on their site, but also to ensure that the user experience for visitors to the site is seamless, without any disruption or lag time. The solution is highly scalable, robust, and secure and has the ability to handle high volumes of traffic (volume and concurrency) without using any CDN (Content Delivery Network) Solutions.

The site’s live blog and live streaming functionalities have added significant value to the site by serving Sigmalive audiences updates in real-time, be this breaking news, sports coverage or media commentary.  The live blog has curation capabilities and content posted thereto through audience participation can be moderated.  A mix of media including videos, graphics, social media and polls can also be integrated into the live blog.

Sigmalive is entirely built from scratch, on technology solutions developed by Base Element.



Sigmalive has been another noteworthy achievement for Base Element.
Our year’s long association has produced incredible results for this innovative online publisher, particularly regarding the attainment of a seamless high quality user experience for Sigmalive audiences through solutions implemented by Base Element. A high-quality viewer experience has been achieved through an extensive array of digital processes and systems implemented by Base Element and utilised by the publisher on their site including content management, content caching, mini-site on demand, polls & competitions module and a timeline solution.

We are proud to mention that we have managed to serve 1,500,000 pageviews within a 24 hour period with a very high user concurrency without the use of any CDN solution.  

This and many other Base Element initiated solutions have assisted Sigmalive in retaining its leading position as the number one online publisher in Cyprus, continually surpassing any competition through its drive for constant innovativeness.

Pageviews served in a singe day
Concurrent visitors without the use of CDN Solution
Custom modules developed
Live events covered
Articles published daily
Uptime achieved

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