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Bernardo Caballero de Olmedo Bernardo Caballero de Olmedo

Bernardo Caballero de Olmedo

Business Development Manager Spanish Market

Bernardo trained as a lawyer, but his passion for all things digital steered him to the world of online marketing early in his career.  He initially worked in the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, and then made a career change to work as an online marketing area manager for Turespaña, one of the most successful state organisations in promoting tourism worldwide. At Turespaña, Bernardo was responsible for digital campaigning in more than 30 countries. Subsequently, he worked in Spain’s Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling.

His diverse career has been boosted by his innate curiosity and has helped him acquire a number of technical skills and a great knowledge of the Spanish market.  Happy outside of his comfort zone, he keeps exploring to gain a better understanding of the new and constantly evolving digital ecosystem. Bernardo is our eyes and ears in Madrid, covering business development and client relationships in Spain.

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