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George Iacovou George Iacovou

George Iacovou


George has been a Managing Partner at Base Element since its launch. He is one of the early entrepreneurs of digital marketing in Cyprus; having founded a boutique digital agency in 2003 focusing on Travel and Tourism. Since then, George has been involved in many international and local projects across multiple industries, in both private and governmental sectors. He has the ability to zoom-in and out on a challenge so as to analyse it strategically and find solutions.  He is also able to break down the process of delivery to the most intricate detail so as to assure perfect execution thereof. Having been involved in a variety of industries and roles allows him to assist companies in their digital transformation and his guidance enables them to adapt different opportunities.

An inquisitive mind, George genuinely enjoys helping young entrepreneurs in their ventures. Quite often you can see him head banging with his earphones on.

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