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Daniel Cohen Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen

Business Development Manager French Market

Daniel is a graduate of the prestigious Lausanne Hotel Management School and has a wealth of experience in the hospitality, IT and start-ups industries. Following his graduation, he worked in hotel management before moving on to spearhead the pioneering efforts in computerizing hotels and restaurants in France during the early 80’s.

Throughout his impressive career, Daniel has held a number of executive positions where he always used his technological expertise and commercial savvy to launch, grow or successfully turn around a business. Indicatively, in the eight years he spent as President and CEO at Bartech Systems International he increased revenues from $3M to $15M, helped the company compete in international markets, negotiated private funding for the company and moved the HQ from Paris to the USA. A graduate of the INSEAD Advanced Management Programme, Daniel is trilingual and multi-culturally oriented—accustomed to doing business in the USA, France and Israel.   

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