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Elodie Bouscarat Elodie Bouscarat

Elodie Bouscarat

Business Development Manager Belgian Market

Elodie is a communication and digital marketing expert with an impressive education from the Sorbonne, Sciences Po, Virginia Commonwealth University and Sapienza University.  After a few communication and journalism positions in public (French Ministry of Education) and private institutions, she embarked on an eight-year career with the European Union, holding positions such as Communication and Press officer, Campaign Manager and Joint Chief Editor for the Consilium Journal.

While working for the EU, Elodie co-founded and led the marketing and sales efforts for Co-oking. Co-oking is the first food entrepreneur co-working space in Belgium. Following her career in the European Union, Elodie spent seven months working for V+O in Brussels, and then continued her entrepreneurial efforts by founding www.Foodcomm.be, a digital advertising agency for food entrepreneurs and  www.Cookwork.be described as the Airbnb of the professional kitchen. In addition to founding these start-ups, Elodie is a foodie, a Mum and an avid learner and experience sharer.

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