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Constantinos Pavlides Constantinos Pavlides

Constantinos Pavlides

Managing Director

With over a decade of management experience in a variety of industries including retail, logistics, finance, venture capital and media, I guess you could say he is a man of many trades. Constantinos is our go to guy for molding the strategic approach we take when creating our projects and advertising campaigns. Having sat at both sides of the table, both as a client and a provider, he’s in the position to understand your business, analyze your requirements and provide a custom solution that is tailored to your business needs. With hands on operational experience in managing projects both locally and internationally, Constantinos can help your company break the narrow boundaries of the Cyprus market, and also, branch out to an international audience. If you catch him pacing around the office, don’t worry-he’s not lost…he’s just passionately stirring up your next marketing strategy. For a person who is so information driven, one of Dino’s dreams is to backpack through all of Europe without any plan at all.

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