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FirePro Application FirePro Application


FirePro is an undisputed world leader in condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology. They design, manufacture and distribute the environment-friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology Systems worldwide. FirePro has built a global network of partners and distributors in more than 110 countries across the world over the last two decades and has successfully carried out projects and installations on a global scale for diverse clients and industries.


Due to its rapid global expansion, FirePro embarked on a digital transformation process in order to streamline its marketing, sales and operations efforts. Details of how we collaborated with FirePro on their digital transformation journey can be found here.

A critical aspect of FirePro’s sales cycle is their ability to provide quick and accurate customized proposals to prospective and existing clients. Their existing processes and supporting technology could not serve this pivotal requirement at the level management desired.

Each time there was a request, a process of continual back-and-forth between sales and technical teams was initiated. From information gathering up to the proposal preparation, a ping-pong scenario was being played out. The sales team was responsible for gathering the correct data from the clients, while the technical team was in need of pertinent data to provide technical and financial estimates, as their current system could not process multiple calculations and validations.

However, in the majority of the client meetings, sales would not obtain all the necessary data or they would obtain the wrong data, and this created a need for follow-up calls to the clients and the inability of the technical teams to proceed with the proposal formulation. The result was scattered information, decentralized and unmonitored sales funnel, lack of data to serve the decision-making process and a long and bumpy path to conversion.

The mandate was clear: streamline and automate this part of the sales process in a way that would address all the above issues.

FirePro Application


Together with FirePro, we categorized the sales process into smaller modules, determined the essential elements and identified the factors that could result in delays and mistakes. In addition, we investigated the ways that technology could automate or simplify each module and how we could synthesize and restructure everything into a more efficient, technology-driven process.

It was very clear that there was a standardized and structured way to calculate the scope of each project as soon as the client gave a specific set of data inputs such as site dimensions, building materials, number of doors and windows, etc.

Therefore, if we built this functionality into a software solution for the salespeople, then they could easily provide project estimates and a financial offer to the client on the spot. This would dramatically shorten the process time, make it traceable in the funnel and provide all the necessary data to management.

And so we did.

We developed customized software that could be used both online and offline allowing the salespeople to input data from the client and calculate in seconds an effort estimate and the financial offer of the project. In this way, salespeople could speed up the sales process and reach the last steps of the sales funnel or even make the sale on the spot without losing valuable time communicating back and forth with the client.

In addition, the functionality allowed the data to be sourced back to the central FirePro database so that business information could be consolidated and easily processed.

Finally, this sales tool was provided to every FirePro partner across 110+ countries significantly contributing to streamlining the sales process and bringing business information from across the globe to the FirePro Headquarters.

The mandate was clear; streamline and automate a significant part of the sales process

FirePro Application


The implementation of this custom-made software application resulted in a shorter and a more efficient sales cycle for FirePro by reducing mistakes and funnel steps, accelerating communication and assisting in the immediate closure of each sale.

The customized software application also improved customer experience and the image of FirePro to its clients.

Finally, it allowed FirePro to have a consolidated view of all sales opportunities, customer requirements and the business intelligence needed to increase further its sales efforts and revenues.

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