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FirePro Digital Transformation FirePro Digital Transformation


FirePro is the leading brand in condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology. The company designs, manufactures and distributes the environment-friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology Systems worldwide. FirePro has built a global distribution network covering more than 110 countries across all continents over the last two decades and has successfully implemented projects and installations in these regions for a diversified portfolio of clients.


FirePro was experiencing a dilution of the brand that occurred as a result of the company’s very rapid global expansion and the establishment of a vast distribution network of partners across the world. As a consequence, an inconsistent brand identity across the company’s international network of partners and clients ensued, and communicating a consistent integrated brand voice was becoming more difficult

Another important challenge was the lack of visibility and transparency of the sales process. Each partner in the network had its own sales channels, website, advertising and processes.

An additional challenge was the increasing break-up of company knowledge into siloes. Fast growth had resulted in the creation of ad hoc departments across the company and its network, and too much important know-how was in the hands of individual local vendors rather than shared across the company.

FirePro sought to implement a digital transformation and, subsequently, a marketing strategy that reinforced global brand consistency and unified messaging.

The company knew that its message was effective, but that it would generate more leads if this message were communicated properly.

To achieve this, the marketing and sales’ processes had to be unified across the company and the key network know-how and information had to be commonly used and shared.

Faced with these challenges, FirePro asked us to work with them to transform the company and subsequently develop a digital marketing strategy.

The objective of the strategy was to establish global brand—internal and external—consistency that not only reinforced the company’s leading position in the marketplace across countries, but also brought cohesion across the network of partners creating a single unified brand identity. 

FirePro Digital Transformation


FirePro chose us because of our significant experience and success with every aspect of digital transformation, including brand identification and development, management strategy, internal restructuring and technology selection.

We began by clarifying the business objectives and formulating the company’s strategy: consulting on how to focus the company around the user experience and how to restructure operations for effective messaging and knowledge sharing.

Working closely with FirePro, we decided to consolidate the brand under one global website that served every country in which the company has presence and communicated a cohesive brand aesthetic and message.  

This website also created an omnichannel experience for the user. Each digital touchpoint was made consistent with the overall branding and marketing strategy.  

More details regarding the FirePro Website Case Study can be found here

While the website was a great transformational initiative that provided a consistent brand image and a universal lead generation mechanism to FirePro, the company needed additional tools in order to streamline its internal operations.

In order to complement the transformational efforts, we also created an internal partners’ network with collaboration tools through which all company resources such as reports, marketing and sales material, white papers, etc., can be shared across the network. The purpose of this partners’ network is the standardisation and use of marketing and sales assets to reinforce brand consistency across borders while also functioning as a knowledge-sharing hub among the partners.

Thanks to the internal partners’ network, Fire Pro Partners are able to commonly access and share the unified company branding and sales elements such as sales presentations, proposal templates, white papers, etc.

In addition, the sales process was transformed and automated by introducing a new functionality on the website and by integrating the website and the partners’ network. All incoming leads are gathered on the website, and Firepro obtains a consolidated view of all the available opportunities. Each new lead triggers the creation of a separate workflow that consists of a number of specific steps so that the lead can be properly followed up.

Finally, a solution was implemented so that internal know-how can be used and shared by every partner across the world. The partners’ network contains a centrally controlled repository of shared information and specific tools are provided for collaboration between employees and partners. We introduced a number of automated processes for knowledge-sharing throughout the network. Indicatively, R&D can now share technical innovations through the partners’ network, and partners can share both technical and business success stories.

The digital transformation led to increased organic traffic, increased lead generation, more efficient sales follow-up & improved customer experience

FirePro Digital Transformation


The creation of a single, global FirePro website by Base Element serves the business priority of rebranding FirePro in a consistent way and on a global scale in order to communicate and achieve a unified brand aesthetic in the 110+ countries where the company has presence.

Furthermore, the implementation of the collaborative internal partners’ network contributes significantly to the business transformation and a consistent brand message for FirePro across the globe through the adoption and sharing of standardised marketing and sales material in all regions.  It has also produced efficiencies within the organization with the improvement and automation of processes, improved communication and effective collaboration by all partners.

The customer-focused channels enables FirePro to use new, automated marketing and sales techniques that are carefully targeted to the type of clients that the company serves.

The digital transformation led to increased organic traffic and increased lead generation. Subsequently, the knowledge sharing tools and the new automated processes have led to more efficient follow-up that results in improved conversion rates and improved customer experience.

The streamlining and simplification of processes also benefits FirePro’s clients as they are served faster and more efficiently, resulting in increased brand loyalty and improved customer experience.

FirePro has estimated that the digital transformation process  has resulted in a 25% savings on marketing functions and processes, more than 20 automated processes that can be used universally by the 110+ company partners  and a 280% increase in organic traffic due to increased brand recall.


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