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FirePro Website FirePro Website
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FirePro is a world leader in fire extinguishing technology. The company produces and sells the environment-friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology Systems around the world.  FirePro’s global distribution network has expanded to more than 110 countries across all continents over the last 20 years, and the company has successfully implemented projects and installations on a worldwide scale for a number of different industries and clients.


FirePro was experiencing a dilution of the brand that occurred as a result of the company’s very rapid global expansion and the establishment of a vast distribution network of partners with worldwide presence. Consequently, an inconsistent brand identity across the company’s international network of partners and clients ensued, and communicating a consistent integrated brand voice was becoming more difficult. 

Faced with these challenges, FirePro asked us to work with them to help the company develop a digital marketing strategy. The objective of the strategy was to establish global brand consistency that not only reinforced the company’s leading position in the marketplace across countries, but also brought about cohesion across the network of partners creating a single unified brand identity.    

FirePro Website


Working closely with FirePro, we decided to consolidate the brand under one global website that serves all countries in which the company has presence and which communicates a cohesive brand aesthetic and message.  

In order to overcome the potential barrier of non-English speaking users due to global presence, multilingualism and localisation of the website were obvious considerations. These were addressed in that the new website is currently being rolled out in 21 languages and will serve customised content based on the user’s location.  Adapting the website to the nuances of multiple languages and linguistic differences did bring with it challenges in technology and web development, particularly in terms of right-to-left languages, compatible fonts and layout—all of which were resolved.

Furthermore, the site has been designed and optimised based on best practices in UI/UX design and customer experience so as to serve as a lead generation mechanism that is centralised by nature and allows for better control and follow up of service. As a result, leads generated can be effectively and efficiently nurtured and the customer experience significantly enhanced.

The objective of the website was to establish global brand consistency for FirePro

FirePro Website


The creation of a global website by Base Element served the primary purpose of rebranding FirePro cohesively on an international scale to communicate and achieve a consistent brand aesthetic in all the countries where the company has presence.

As the website continues to evolve, we are also excited to see the positive impact of rolling the site out in 21 languages, strengthening the FirePro brand in countries where English is not the primary language.


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